Colombia Las Flores Pink Bourbon Washed

Colombia Las Flores Pink Bourbon Washed

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Notes: Sparkling apple cider, peach, orange zest, cocoa

Country of origin: Colombia

Region: Acevedo, Huila

Producer: Johan Manuel Vergara Ayure

Farm: Finca Las Flores

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1750 masl

Processing Method: Washed

Weight: 12 oz

Pink bourbon (pronounced [boor] + [BOHN]) is a hybridized varietal of red and yellow bourbon that produces a beautiful, pink colored fruit. Due to its unique pink color it is quite difficult for farmers to distinguish between ripe and unripe cherries.

Finca Las Flores is a 14.5 hectare farm in the village of San Isidro, in the city of Acevedo in the Huila department. The Ayure family started their farm in 1990 with 18,000 coffee trees. Each year they continued to grow until they reached 90,000 coffee trees. A turning point for Finca Las Flores was when they participated in the Cup of Excellence in 2006. The CoE program launched their journey into the world of specialty and differentiated coffees.

There were several years of testing and learning to identify the profiles the coffees had and how they could be improved. With the help of their son Johan, the Ayure family began to adjust production and improve post harvest processing. Today Finca Las Flores offers varieties such as: Pink Bourbon, Tabi, Java, Maracaturra. In addition, they have implemented fermentation processes in exotic varieties such as Wush Wush and Bourbon Citron.

This lot was milled by Agroeco in Santa Marta, Magdalena. Fermentation in cherry for 24 hours and further fermentation in Tula with bag for 60 hours. It was then sun-dried via the “Casa Elba” method, which utilizes a retractable roof built on top of the producer's house to protect against rain or high temperatures.