Ethiopia Guji Tomme Double Washed (Sold Out)

Double washed coffee from a town called Tomme in the Guji zone of Ethiopia


Our experience
One way to describe it is “refined elegance.” It is far from wild, yet uniquely distinct. We get a clear separation of floral aromas and taste a marriage of sweetness and acidity: a bouquet of jasmine flower, white roses, and mandarin orange blossom. This coffee is roasted lightly, but has a surprisingly velvet body and a soft, pleasant finish. This is one that tea drinkers would greatly enjoy! We recommend letting this one rest about one week post-roast to enjoy at peak flavor.

The Guji zone in Ethiopia is world-renowned for floral and fruity cup characteristics. Heirloom varietals from 600 smallholder farmers in the world’s oldest growing region make their way to Feku Jiberil’s coffee washing station where the coffee cherry plant is fully washed after pulping and fermenting for 36-48 hours, soaked overnight, and sun dried on raised beds.


  • Country of Origin: Ethiopia
  • Farm: Various Local Smallholders
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Process: Double Washed
  • Meters Above Sea Level: 1800