Laos Estates Anaerobic Natural

Natural process, anaerobic fermentation from the southern coffee-growing region of Laos


Our Experience
Upon first whiff, a sweet hazelnut and dried fruit fragrance permeates the senses. complex strawberry acidity rounds the palate, tapered off by a nutty, lingering toffee flavor reminiscent of a cabernet sauvignon of fine vintage. This is quite an intense coffee and we understand that it may not be everyone’s preference for a daily drinking coffee so we offer in 8 ounce packages.

Coffee arabica was first introduced to Laos by French colonist circa 1915. The high elevation and mineral-rich volcanic soil of the Bolaven Plateau create an ideal environment for coffee plants to thrive. While over half of the labor force in Laos work in agriculture, nearly a quarter fall below the poverty line. Coffee farmers are able to boost their earning-potential through the high value of quality arabica coffee exports, enabling many families to put their children through school.


  • Country of Origin: Laos
  • Farm: Four estates of Mt. Thevada, Khoungtoun, Xekatam, and Phetlamka
  • Varietal: Typica
  • Process: Natural, Anaerobic Fermentation
  • Meters Above Sea Level: 1350